Police Brutality Persuasive Speech

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Gabe was a black male who had just dropped his son off at school and was on his way to work. It was a yellow light. He thought he could make the light in time. But as he was approaching the light, it turned red. If he would’ve stopped, he would’ve been in the middle of the intersection. He had no choice but to run the red light. As he passed the light, a police came behind him and turned on his siren. Gabe pulled over and was very nervous because he knew what he did. The cop got out his car, walked up to Gabe’s car and asked him if he knew why he is being pulled over. Gabe gets an itch on his leg, he reached down to scratch it and the officer thinks he’s reaching for a gun. He instantly pulled out his gun and dragged Gabe out the car, shoved him on the ground and beat him. Stories like this happen every day in America, it needs to stop for three reasons: Racism, innocent children are dying and America looks bad to the rest of the world.…show more content…
Just because a police officer assumes they’re reaching for a gun, trying to run away, attack them, etc.. They think they may do that because they’re wearing a badge and trained, nobody can tell them what to do. Most victims of police brutality weren’t even armed or had any weapons on them and they got beat or killed. For example, the shooting of Michael Brown he wasn’t even armed, and he got killed by Officer Wilson. Witnesses said Brown was moving toward Wilson, with his hands up in surrender and Wilson fired 12 shots in total. According to an autopsy conducted at the request of Brown's family, “the teenager was shot at least six times, including twice in the head and four times in his right arm.” (Ferguson 1). With this information and with Brown being unarmed, I don’t think 12 bullets were necessary, and he had his hands up. But according to the US Department of Justice, Wilson shot Brown in “self defense.
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