Police Brutality Pros And Cons

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Police brutality is becoming a continuing problem in the United States, which needs to be solved. The police academies need to teach their candidates better methods on addressing stressful situations. There are many cases where the police have gone too far with the civilians. For example, Of all 1,575 officers involved in reported excessive force complaints, 897 (56.9%) were involved in cases of physical use of force complaints which include fist strikes, throws, chokeholds, baton strikes, and other physical attacks(Packman,1). These numbers need to change. What is police brutality? According to S. Danilina, police brutality is the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians. (1) In a recent case that took place in Louisiana, Alton Sterling was a 37 year old black male, who was shot and killed outside of a convenient store by two officers. A nearby bystander took a video footage and it shows the officers in action apprehending Sterling, you can hear Sterling being tased twice while the officers yell “get to the ground, get to the ground”. Following this, one of the …show more content…

How can a civilian be trained to stay calm with a gun pointed at them? The police academies need to train the police to remain calm any given situation. In addition, Police officers aren't all trained the same. They need to be trained in different areas. Such as the urban areas. For example, they should interact in different ethnic community events which they participate in to become more familiar of their background. So the fear of the unknown backgrounds wouldn't exist. This will help expand the knowledge of the cops who aren't from ethnic backgrounds and for the people who are from ethnic backgrounds about the cops who are

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