Police Brutality Research

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In the United States of America, we live in a day and time where society is getting worse by the minute. One of the contributing factors to the times worsening, is Police Brutality due to Racial Profiling. Since 2012, after the Trevon Martin case there has been numerous cases of Police Brutality due to the person’s skin tone. There is no specific reasoning behind these cases, but Police feel as if they are superior because of the “gun and badge”. Minority groups have been facing profiling and brutality since the times of segregation, nevertheless Police Brutality is what we as society have grown accustomed to. For Example in 2012, due to brutality 313 African-Americans were killed ( These African-Americans who were killed were…show more content…
Police killed Garner during the attempted arrest, due to excessive force. Garner was a 6’2 African-American who had been arrested 2 times earlier that year for selling untaxed cigarettes. The two officers who approached Garner were going to arrest him for selling untaxed cigarettes. According to reports, the officers used excessive force and put Garner on the ground. The officers had a verbal altercation just moments before the death took place. A video was recorded on the incident between the Police and Garner, the video was used in his final autopsy for the cause of death. The cause of Garner’s death is due to the officers compressing his chest and locking him in a chokehold. These are the two leading factors of his death. This is an ongoing investigation between the two officers as well as the…show more content…
Jonathan Ferrell was 24, a male who lived in Charlotte was killed by Police. The Police shot Ferrell 10 times showing excessive force. It was around 2 A.M. on September 14th, 2013 Ferrell was dropping off a co-worker. According to attorney Christopher Chestnut, Ferrell missed the curb and hit a ravine. A ravine is a narrow fall between steep streets. Ferrell knocked on a house nearby, the woman of the home contacted authorities and reported an attempted burglary; which is false. When the police arrived, Ferrell ran to them. One officer tried to tase Ferrell he was unsuccessful in his attempt, while Officer Kerrick shot Ferrell 10 times and killed him. Marlon Brown, 38, was killed by Police on May 8th. The Police were trying to pull him over because he did not have his seatbelt on. Brown did not comply so he took off with the car at first, then attempted to run on foot. It is not clear why Brown took off, but the cops ran over Brown when they saw he was on foot. Both of these cases fall into Police Brutality with excessive
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