Police Brutality Rhetorical Analysis

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In the essay titled “Police Brutality”, Danna Hernandez uses rhetorical devices to declare that police brutality is dreadful. She utilizes anecdotes to support her claim, pathos to persuade the audience to agree with her argument by producing an emotional response, and imagery to illustrate her hardships caused by police brutality. Danna does this in order to make the general public realize that police brutality is a significant issue that should not be treated as a trend. Danna Hernandez uses anecdote to support her argument. The vast majority of the essay is an anecdote that tells of the tragic death of her son due to unjustified gun usage by a police officer(which constitutes as police brutality) and the emotional consequences that followed. This story is told to provide the reader with a testament of police brutality. To prove that it is a real thing that happens and that the police officer’s actions were not only unnecessary, but unfair. Danna heavily relies on pathos to appeal to the audience’s…show more content…
She mentions that every time her daughter is near a police officer, she can only think of “the way her brother's blood splattered into her skirt” and how the “the officer who took her brother's life looked her in the eye and pointed his gun at her”. Danna also recalls how she received her daughter’s phone call “between sounds of sobs and sirens” informing her of her son’s passing. Tying back to pathos, these illustrations of their suffering create sympathy in the reader for the same reason as before; to convince the public that police brutality is atrocious. Taking everything into account, Danna is successful in conveying her message against police brutality and its significance as an issue. With the use of rhetorical devices such as anecdote, pathos, and imagery, she is able to support her argument and persuade the audience to visualize the issue from her
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