Police Brutality Theory

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This paper had two essential objectives. The principal objective was to highlight the relationship between racial discrimination and police brutality as well as find out the recommendations available that can help curb police brutality. The second objective was to analyze how people subjectively see law enforcement, and additionally what those suggestions hold the minorities in certain parts of the world. This study adds to the developing body of academic work that has analyzed discernments in regards to law enforcement by giving regard to the numbers and also what unknown men and ladies say in regards to those numbers. Basically, these recognitions straightforwardly address the emotions that people within the society at large make in regards…show more content…
It materializes to the point since it draws from an expansive assembly of writing which reaches out to the area of law and can be further stretched out to the territory of police brutality (Solorzano et al. 2000). Furthermore, basic race theory explains how race is basically infused inside institutional structures, i.e., law enforcement, compounding the declaration of White dominion and apparently improving the probability of divergent treatment of underestimated societal demographics (e.g., minorities) to keep them enslaved (Bell 1992). One of the most interesting reads that I stumbled upon was Skolnick and Fyfe (1994) who declared that the police are an expansion of White supremacy within their field. Likewise, it ought not come as a surprise that increments in police sensitivity, preparation, higher instructive necessities for officer enrolments, group policing, and other dynamic methodologies have not created a quantifiable diminish in police brutality against Black guys on the grounds that none of these activities particularly address the bigger societal issues of police brutality and White supremacy of which police are an expansion (Alexander 2010; Feagin…show more content…
A basic race approach would propose that not critically considering race frustrates ideal law requirement hones since when subjects, especially individuals of shading, view the police as "degenerate" and "exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else," they are more disposed to maintain urban sub cultural commands, for example, "quit squealing" (Anderson 2000; Jefferis et al. 2011). On the other hand, it helps us to comprehend why the cops view Black guys as potential culprits and how race plays in forceful activities against Black guys (Jefferis et al. 2011; Plant and Peruche
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