Police Brutality Thesis

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Police Brutality: The Spawn of Racism Police Brutality is one of America's most talked about and highly publicized problems today, that is not only the result of the main cause of Institutional Racism but is also due the lack of accountability that police officers face after the crime of police brutality is committed primarily towards minority groups. In order to identify the causes of police brutality we have to understand what police brutality is, the definition of Police brutality is “the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians” Law Dictionary: What Is Police Brutality? . Institutional Racism as described by The Oxford dictionary as “Racial discrimination that has become established as normal behaviour…show more content…
of this report, Ferguson’s pattern of using excessive force disproportionately harms African-American members of the community. The overwhelming majority of force—almost 90%—is used against African Americans” (Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department 2015 pg28). As I stated in my thesis Institutional Racism is very alive and is clouding the judgement of police officers. The quotation previously stated from the department of justies own research they discovered factual evidence supporting my thesis that yes indeed officers are in fact more biased towards minority groups,and in this case Ferguson. If the actually fact of police brutality isn't chilling enough it is the lack of accountability that the officer's face after that is even more gut wrenching “In addition, even when there is little evidence that departmental rules have been enforced, prosecutors rarely indict police who have killed citizens (Fyfe, 1988; Kobler, 1975) . By allowing this behavior of Police officers to go unnoticed, unpunished, and even deemed normal this sends the message that police brutality is okay, or even worse “yeah it is wrong but you won't be charged do not worry about it”, that is even worse. By not bringing these criminals to trial you are desensitizing police brutality when in actuality this should not happen why you ask, because behind every police brutality case is a victim.That victim needs to know what happened to them is a crime, that person needs to know they
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