Police Brutality Unfair

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I want to make an argument that racially-motivated police brutality is unfair. Police brutality is a use of unjustified force that can cause serious injury or even death. When it comes to situations where an unarmed black man was killed by a police officer, it hits the news fast and people pay more attention. The racism that comes from police is a sign of oppression to specific groups. This needs to come to attention because instead of reacting with public riots, we as a society need to be more proactive about changing the racism of police brutality. Racial police brutality is unfair because it is a discrimination against people who are seen as different. People who have a different skin color or are from a different culture don’t deserve…show more content…
Police don’t use that kind of force on white men, but when it comes down to people who are different they suffer with more injuries. This past year, a Dallas police officer was charged with the murder of a unarmed 15-year old boy, Jordan Edwards. The officer “discharged multiple rounds from his patrol rifle as the vehicle drove past him” (CNN news). I understand that some people may argue that the officer was just doing his job, but in this case the cop used excessive force and lied to the authorities about what happen. This shooting and many others are protested by the Black Lives Matter movement and other organizations, which is proactive in ending racial police brutality. I argue that racial police brutality is unfair because it is a inferior reason for a cop to target a person of different color or culture. People should not be judged for being different. We shouldn’t judge people for who they are on the outside but how they are on the inside. We should support organizations like Black Lives Matter because police brutality takes innocent lives without
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