Police Brutalityity Of Police Brutality

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Police practicing public execution is a clear infringement upon the constitutional rights which is why I have chosen this article. The title of this article “police brutality may be overwhelmingly legal but it 's far from being ethical or just”. I have chosen this article not only with its connection to Dr. Martian Luther King Jr. but it is a growing epidemic in today 's society. While it is legal for an officer to use force to “protect and serve” the right to take ones life is not ethical. In the article Shaun King goes over several situations in which the police officer(s) felt that discharging their fire arm was not only justifiable but deemed the situation to be dangerous for the lives of themselves, and others in the area without provocation thus creating a public execution without a trial; infringing upon the victims constitutional rights.…show more content…
Martian Luther King Jr who was practicing his right to travel throughout this free country, these victims were doing nothing illegal. MLK brought up the concern from the governance of his/their “willingness to break laws” while urging his followers to simply “Obey the Supreme Court 's decision of 1954 outlawing segregation..” (8) This statement alone influenced my choice of article, in a day that society is crumbling innocent people are dying. If Martian Luther King Junior was alive today there would be nonstop protests until police followed the

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