Essay On Police Corruption

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Chapter 8: What’s Next?? Police corruption isn’t a nuance of media induced concerns. Instead it is a major issue in police departments across the world. Police corruption is a major waste of resources, financial resources, creates a modern day mockery of law enforcement in general and undermines the foundations on which police/security is designed to employ. Why? Simply because law enforcement is the primary institution of social establishment. When that line is crossed, how can the foundation be rebuilt? It stops the establishment of the rule of law. The lessons about police corruption continue to break the basic building blocks of the nation. The many variations of police corruption undoubtedly effects perceptions of law as a legitimate establishment. One issue looms in the definition of corruption across the vast cultures within the United States. Suggestively, solutions to police corruption can be reduced by enlisting basic, cross-cultural, mass police department policies and procedures. Efforts to lower police corruption should be based on the selective differences between the individuals that cause it. One major influence in reducing corruption can be enforced by longer…show more content…
A solid existence of sufficient numbers of personnel to maintain a level of public safety is also another measure to reduce corruption. Infrequency of staff in assigned areas reduces the levels of trust among officers and the general public. This existence can create a better trust among officers and less association between officer’s and the public they serve. An external impact on the reduction of police corruption can be stipulated by enforcement by state and federal law instead of an inter-agency beauacratic investigation. Also, encouraging policy makers and budget holders to increase the overall pay to reduce the likelihood of financial hardships reasons for
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