Police Corruption In Rampart

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Rampart, a movie released in 2011, was set in Los Angeles in 1999. Dave Brown was an L.A.P.D veteran police officer working for the Rampart Division. Brown is a corrupt police officer, who is racist, violent, and self-centered. Many suspicious events involving Brown happen and the department gets put into a corruption scandal and everyone is pointing the finger at Brown. The first incident of corruption I noticed in the movie was when Officer Brown physically abused a suspect. A man in a convenient store stole alcohol and punched a security guard. After the security guard detained the man in the office outback of the convenient store, two officers arrived, one being Brown and the other being a rookie police officer. Brown and the other officer…show more content…
That night Brown hides at a distance, watching the game go on. He watches as two masked, armed men come and invade the card game. They steal the money and run, a man from the card game chases them and Brown follows behind. The burglars split and the man and Brown keep chasing one of them. The man tackles the burglar, making them tumble down a hill. Brown follows them down the hill, shoots the unarmed man two times. Brown tells the burglar to take off his mask, take some of the money and leave. Brown takes the rest of the money. He then takes his extra gun in his sock, fires three shots, wipes the gun and places it in the unarmed man’s hand. Brown covers himself by making the scene look like a shoot off between himself and the unarmed man. After this all happened, Brown starts being watched because the department is getting very upset of the corruption he has caused. I believe that movies that highlight police corruption shows citizens that some police officers are bad people. Also that they aren't out on the streets to protect you but harm you instead. These movies don’t influence my views much because I know there are bad and good people in every situation. I think that movies that highlight “dirty cops” and bad behavior is currently making police officers job tougher. Some people just can’t understand that just because there is one bad cop doesn’t mean there are all bad
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