Police Corruption In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald illustrates the nineteen twenties prosperous period as well as the dark secrets of the United States history. James Gatsby is a young man who is raised in poverty to wealth and power. His rise to wealth is the ipodomy of the American dream even though he used illegal means of making money. Gatsby sold illegal liquor through his pharmacy during the prohibition. The Great Gatsby also shows the lack of police enforcement of the new laws from the twenty first amendment. The laws banned the sale and transport of alcoholic drinks. Tom and Daisy were buyers of this newly underground market, while frowning on the bootleggers. Gatsby new market allowed him to make his money. The police corruption prevented the…show more content…
This shows how Gatsby was more powerful than he let on in the beginning of the book. It all so show how corrupt the government was and how that people with power could do what they want without consequences. Gatsby is able to make any move he think necessary because of the protection he acquired. Gatsby was free of the twenty first amendment including: car searches and selling alcohol. The lack of enforcement by the cops lead to according to Kyving,”mounting violence, lawlessness, and disobedience led to calls for the amendment's repeal” (2). The commissioner disobeying the laws created problem for all because the men that gatsby and Rothstein harmed while the police knew where and when they were at places. The men who gave passes some people which spiked the drinking surge more than before the act. The newly illegal alcohol market has to part: the makers and the buyers. The buyers are always forgotten in this market such as Tom and Daisy. Tom condemns Gatsby of making his money illegally, while he is spending his illegally. Tom and Daisy are never in need of liquor showing how people still drank it just cost them more. During the nighting twenties and the prohibition men comparable to Gatsby gain wealth and power. Tom saw Gatsby taking Daisy from him and used his money to find his dark ways of coming into money. While he himself used his power of money to make his past
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