Police Corruption Is Affected By Police

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Introduction Everyone has their own opinion on how policemen or policewomen do their job, but not all cops are doing their job the right way. The police are protectors, but they are also part of the problem; police arrest criminals and help the public be as safe as they can, but police corruption still causes an issue. There are plenty of good, even extraordinary, police officers. There are also plenty or corrupt or horrible police officers. Statistics, though, show that the great far outweighs the horrible. Protectors The police are protectors of society. They help clean up crime and keep people safe. They work very hard to keep our streets clean and safe for the public. Police are a big help and it would be anarchy without them. A highly…show more content…
Some officers pick money and corruption over good policing and a good reputation. Brutality and unauthorized force are also a problem and most likely always will be. Problems arise from officers thinking that they are above the law in which they uphold. “If you are wearing blue and you commit a criminal act, that is a sign of corruption” (Perry, F.L, 2003, p.1). There is a big problem revolving around whether police should carry guns or be able to shoot people. Even if said person is a threat to the officer, himself or the public population. “In this context, public concern about police shootings is understandable. It is wrong, however, to decide that there is an established number of times that cops can shoot people and then condemn officers for exceeding some "quota." (McNamara, J. D., 2004, p.1). Excessive shooting is a sign that maybe that officer should not be handling a firearm. If an officer shoots once taking down the suspect, he should not shoot more and more just to be sure. He should stop shooting, call it in, and give a detailed account of the situation. Some officers do not do that. Some might not even call it in and try to hide the even from anyone ever knowing anything about it. “It reminds me of what I saw when I came to San Jose as police chief in 1976. Before my arrival, a San Jose officer pursuing a black man for a traffic violation had fatally shot him in front of his home” (McNamara, J.…show more content…
As the days move on the number of dirty cops begins to rise in the departments, and some of the officers show no mercy to the public.“A Kentucky officer convicted of tasing an unarmed man who swore at him has a disturbingly violent past that stretches across multiple police departments” (How Dirty is This Taser-Happy Cop, 2016, p.1). That’s not all of what the officer was accused of. An officer from kentucky was using excessive force for two decades, and now he is paying the price for in in federal prison. (How Dirty is This Taser-Happy Cop, 2016). The police will continue to keeps us safe in our environments as long as they stay loyal to their job. “Matthew Corder, 52, was sentenced to 27 months on Monday for violating Deric Baize 's civil rights--an incident captured on Corder 's body camera and which the Department of Justice used to seal his conviction” (How Dirty is This Taser-Happy Cop, 2016,
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