Police Culture Research Paper

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In the police culture, there are certain specifications and criteria that have to be met in order to be accepted in law enforcement. Police officers put others lives before their own. They mainly focus on protecting people and property. Their job requires finding justice, maintaining order and keeping communities safe. Police culture can promote over-entitlement through the experiences, environments, and training of police officers. This occupation is indeed very different from any other. A big factor of policing is isolation. Officers often develop strong bonds with other officers due to the fact that they become vastly isolated from many of their friends and and deal with a great amount chronic stress. I believe being a police officer is among one of the hardest jobs a person could have. It also involves many requirements.…show more content…
Police officers are also viewed differently than other professionals because of their authority role. They often discover that when they are recognized, it is usually for a mistake or a violation and not for an achievement or for performing effective policing, and they learn that hard work leads to the risk of exposure and
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