Opinions On The Use Of Discretionary Powers In Law Enforcement

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In my opinion and going based off some of the things that have transpired due to some deadly interactions with law enforcement I feel that discretionary powers should be in full effect in all situations excluding ones where a life can potentially be taken by an officer. I’m all for police discretion in areas in which you deal with juveniles, traffic stops, domestic situations, drug related offenses and any offenses of that nature due to the fact most of these situations and offenses aren’t usually violent nor as serious in nature as responding to say a hostage situation or an armed robbery in progress. For example, if you find yourself pulled over for going 53 Mph when the speed limit is 50 I would be comfortable leaving this to the officer’s…show more content…
Don’t get me wrong I understand that in certain situations where there’s no other option. But under legal requirements deadly force is only to be used when there’s reasonable belief that the suspect will possibly harm an officer or others in the community. In a situation, such as A shootout with a suspect or a hostage situation I would be understanding of the use of Deadly force and it is justified on the part of the officers. Another situation I feel it would be necessary is when A suspect is seen brandishing a weapon or if you’re in pursuit of a reckless runaway driver that is exhibiting actions to make you believe that they have a disregard for the safety and lives of others. That’s another situation where the officer either has no choice or the decision they make will prevent any senseless…show more content…
Sometimes officers are even put in a circumstance where it is beyond their control. January 6, 2015 A man was shot and killed by San Francisco police officers and later revealed to have left behind several suicide notes in his cellphone, including one addressed directly to police. Matthew Hoffman, 32, was shot that Sunday evening after he entered a restricted parking lot at a police station and brandished what appeared to be a handgun. It was later discovered to be airsoft gun that fired small pellets like projectiles. San Francisco police later made public a note titled "Dear Officer(s)" with the granted permission of Hoffman 's father, authorities said in a public statement. In the note, Hoffman, said the officers "ended the life of a man who was too much of a coward to do it himself." "Please, don 't blame yourself. I used you. I took advantage of you," Hoffman added. Hoffman was transported to San Francisco General Hospital, where he later died due to his wounds. None of the officers were not injured. When asked about the case officer Gordon Shyy had this to say, “The air-soft gun did not have a colored tip on it, which is a standard identifier of a toy gun.” He declined to discuss any other details of the case when further questioned. After reading the article in its entirety I can say that this is clearly A

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