Police Divisiveness

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Five police officers ambushed by a sniper and two black men shot by police during a supposedly peaceful protest. This protest quickly got out of hand because of the violence and threatening protest. Killing police for the rights of the black community was or should have never been a part of the plan. Now that police officers have been killed, this gives the police a greater reason and law enforcement to fear us and another reason for us to take caution. According to USA Today, Dallas Police Chief David Brown had a simple, prayerful message: “All I know is this must stop ... this divisiveness between our police and our citizens.” One must agree for us to work as a nation, law enforcement and the people they are protecting must come to a total…show more content…
Head of the National Association of Police Organizations, William Johnson, blames President Obama for a “war on cops.” Blaming the head of our nation for civil right action is not something that can be agreed with. Yes our nation’s leader is an African American and though he cannot voice an opinion, it 's safe to say Obama may have a non-broadcasted opinion.

While races came together for prayer in Dallas, protests in other places lead to violence. Many races are coming together to help put light on the situation, but there are still some that believe in the violent approaches. The wrong lesson to take out of this is to believe Black Lives Matter without thinking that blue lives matter, too. Every action comes with a reaction and no, not every cop has good intentions. The majority of cops that do, only want the best for the people that they serve.

On one side a person can be distressing for the black men who have been killed by white police officers, but then on other side grieve for the five Dallas officers gunned down by an African-American sniper while doing their duty. In this situation it is not hard to choose a side. There should have not been five officers shot and killed. If it was supposed to a peaceful protest, there should never been any firearms to promote or put the protesters in danger. Every group has their section of radicals, and the actions of them should not placed in the hands of the whole
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