Duties Of A Police Officer Essay

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Police Officer Duties During Domestic Violence Investigations
In police work, each investigation has a specific set of duties and responsibilities that officers must carry out in order to successfully prosecute a suspect. Because victims want justice against the suspect, police officers must make sure to perform their duties to the utmost highest level that they can perform them. However, out of the various types of crime, domestic violence is possibly the most rigorous crime to deal with during an investigation. Because of the amount of work needed to prove the crime of domestic violence, it is no surprise that police officers have a lot of duties to perform whenever a domestic violence crime arises.
The Six Responsibilities of a Police Officer
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Because of the concept of statute of limitations, it is imperative for a police officer to actively submit police reports within a reasonable manner. If the prosecutor does not receive the information needed to indict a suspect, then he cannot prosecute the charge of domestic violence. This not only can lead to a suspect being released, but it can also lead to a victim becoming the suspect’s target again.
Domestic Violence in Arizona
In the Arizona statutes, the crime of domestic violence is defined as a criminal act that is committed by one family or household member against another (“Arizona Domestic Violence Laws”, n.d.). Arizona's definition of domestic violence opens up a wide range of crimes that police officers can also charge suspects along with domestic violence. Because of this, crimes such as stalking, sexual assault, and even resisting arrest can be charged along with a charge for domestic violence if the victim and suspect were living together or in a serious relationship.
Recent Domestic Violence Situation Involving A Celebrity in

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