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In discussions of passing the Michael brown Jr law which equips police officers to wear a body camera, one controversial issue has been that most police brutalities are not caught on tape or no witness sees what exactly happened, and who started what. The source argues that some cases of police brutalities that are caught on tape police does nothing to handle the case. My own view is that police officers should be equipped with body cameras so in case of police brutality cases they can know exactly what happened that day so there will be no questions asked for the police officers. According to article “Pass the Michael Brown, Jr. Law to begin equipping police with body cameras” that the case of Michael Brown Jr in Ferguson where Officer Darren…show more content…
Critics claim that watching the video will alter the officers ' memory of the incident. But this isn 't necessarily a bad thing. Human memory is a very complex and can change every time. Human memory is also susceptible to a host of biases. Like the rest of us, police officers are bound to remember events in ways that protect their sense of self and justify their actions. Some may worry that body cameras on police officers are not necessary a great idea, some may even say it’s against their privacy. According to “Cameras on Cops a Privacy Question “states that Governments and police departments argue that while the cameras provide transparency and accountability, they may also compromise a citizen 's right to privacy and the integrity of some investigations which will inevitably rely on the video in a…show more content…
In conclusion on passing the Michael Brown Jr law to equip police officers with body cameras that are useful evidence for a trial for a case of police brutality. Its only of time for a police officer can prove that it was necessary to use lethal force by using a body camera could clear their name. The use of body cameras are also useful for the victims’ families so when they play the recording’s at the trial they can finally find out if the officer had every right to use lethal force to stop the whole situation or using lethal force was not necessary. Passing the law to equip the law could help justice for victims of police brutality as well heling the officers to prove they used lethal force was

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