Police Ethnicity

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In the present debate over how black unarmed people have been treated by police officers has gone to a whole new set of direction. As a result of many mistreatments police officers have been involved in has changed society and victims families for the better. And it has been very impressive how many people have been involved in effective protests in order to take action and let people know that this has got to stop and it just cant happen anymore. I chose to do my topic on police brutality and it is sociologically significant because it was relevant that nowadays in United States of America that were a lot of tension between police departments and unarmed black men, and how police officers take…show more content…
What can police officers do to decrease shootings or killings of unarmed black men. My provisional answer would be if there are going to be protests happening after a shooting, it has to keep on happening more frequently than only once after the day of shooting. When the people who are doing protests, they have to try to coordinate with the police departments so it doesn’t get so violent. So the method I will be using for my research question is researching different neighborhood in United States as well as other places and see how people made changes in their community. So when I further do research for my topic on police brutality, I will be looking at the concepts of social institutions, functionalism, symbolic interactionism, and conflict theory somehow when incorporating them into the paper. In some perspective, the job of a police officer is very dangerous and it requires a lot of work and compared to other jobs it is very difficult and sometimes the police officer when handling some situations, they would take it too far when using extreme measures when dealing with unarmed black men, and this issue as a whole have to really be…show more content…
So this case was about how Michael Brown was accused of stealing cigarettes and pushing the clerk, and he somehow fit a robbery description and then a officer named Darren Wilson came to check on Michael Brown to see if he was doing anything suspicious, and just then there was a confusion whether or not he was approaching the police officer who happened to have had a gun on him and ended up shooting and killing Michael Brown 12 times. My views will somehow influence my research because I am trying to find out what makes a protest against police brutality more effective than a failed protest. And how can all police departments find a way to work with the community and where both parties understand each other and try to cooperate with each other. And whenever police officers are involved in killing of many unarmed black people, they need to be accountable as well as punished for doing these horrific crimes. Why is it that police officers whenever they see black people, they try to stereotype them as they 're nothing but a threat to

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