Police Influence On 9/11

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Recently, many people have forgotten why the United States of America was formed, for freedom and independence from a king and state. Some of us even have trouble remembering what rights we do have, due to the gradual but continuous media and educational focus on more current distractions. Few have taken notice, or been able to see through the daily fog of which Iphone to buy or what flag offends who. There is still discrimination everywhere we look being race, body type, the religion we follow. More and more police are being caught on camera shooting unarmed citizens, throwing bombs into cribs during no-knock, warrantless entries, and causing the general public to lose faith in a system of governance originally set up to protect and serve. The likelihood of a people waking up anytime soon from this haze is highly debatable. This, is where the idea of America begins to fall apart. On the day of July 17th, 2014, Eric Garner while in violation in local city ordinance, happened to experience this new police state mentality. Bystanders were both…show more content…
What the most common story of what had happened on 9/11, was that 4 planes were hijacked; 2 crashed into the Twin Towers, 1 into the Pentagon, and another into a field in Pennsylvania. After the incident, some of the citizens rights were taken away through the Patriot Act. Spying on our own citizens worrying about which ones among us were terrorists and the general feeling of insecurity. We didn’t use to scare so easily, we used to pay attention to our elected officials and public servants and we used to not see each other as the main threat. 3000+ people died on 9/11, yet our civil liberties to this day are still under attack but not from a foreign force, it’s now from ourselves, ignorance, and over reliance and incorrect trust being placed on our government, Which has always been, and moving forward should be of the people, by the people, and for the
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