Police Informers Ethics

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The article that I found was an article about police informers and professional ethics. The article studies the moral issues concerning informers at the levels of investigation managers, police institutions, also for those who act as informers or people who have the responsibility of handling informers as a daily task. Also it uses Seumas Miller and John Blackler 's moral theory of policing in order to under stand the ethical issues behind criminal justice professionals. The purpose of the article is to break down all of the ethical issues using the theory presented in order to understand informers on certain levels. In this paper, I will analyze the article and also present the reasoning behind the article. In the article, Mr. Harfield talked…show more content…
I have also come to the conclusion that if a criminal justice professional decides not to follow the ethical guidelines then performing their task could be problematic. I do believe that the decisions made by criminal justice professionals are more ethical than unethical. The ethical decision making of professionals does have a major impact on society. For instance, if law enforcement had to make the decision to put a mentally ill person to rest if the person is a threat or harm to others or law enforcement. I do believe that this would be the right thing to do because the person could have harmed someone or an officer of the law. Another example would be if an officer had to shoot someone because they posed a threat to others or the…show more content…
It is very important to make good ethical decisions because one unethical decision could ruin someones career. I learned that if criminal justice professionals will just stick to their ethical guidelines then their job would be more easy to handle. I believe that if criminal justice professionals approach situations the right way instead of the way that they want to then things would run a lot smoother when professionals come across situations where they have to handle a witness, an informant, a victim, or maybe even a criminal. I also learned that if a criminal justie professional makes unethical decisions then it could turn bad for the situation at hand. It is essential that criminal justice professionals make the best ethical decisions possible because it affects everyone in the situation. It could also affect surrouding communities or if it is the wrong decision it could harm
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