Police Misconduct Research Paper

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#PoliceThePolice is a call for accountability from the federal government against the misconduct of law enforcement officers. The Cato Institute defines police misconduct as “any action, on duty or off, by a person entrusted with police powers which would violate that trust to an extent that would cause those who entrusted the officer with said powers to reasonably question whether continuing that trust would expose the public safety to an unacceptable level of risk.” Misconduct can range from theft to sexual assault to brutality to raids to false arrest, but what enables officers to engage in these actions is that they believe that they are above the law and that they can get away with it. In a way, it’s true. Law enforcement officers are given specific powers by our government in order for them to do their jobs. Which is understandable, but when law enforcement officers are to get off of offenses or other officers look the other way to their misconduct, there is a problem.

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