Police Misconducts

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Police officers in the United States are given a great amount of authority and power which they use to serve and protect the people in America. A line of trust is drawn between the community and police officers, but sometimes the line can be broken through police misconducts that makes the community they serve not trust the Police at all. Police misconduct is an ever growing problem in America today and it can range from sexual assault, false arrests, theft etc. but one of the most common misconducts seen throughout policing today is police brutality which can date back to mid-1800’s. Police brutality actually consists of 23 percent of all misconducts indeed making it the most common. Police brutality rose greatly during the mid-1900’s and…show more content…
Rodney King was beat severely by police after high speed chase he had with the police. Rodney King was a black man that led to the case being a race issue, also another reason for the riots. The case of Rodney King was special because it was witnessed by a bystander and recorded the incident and sent it to the local news station. Three officers who part took in the beating of Rodney king were charged with assault with a deadly weapon and use of excessive force, the last officer was only charged with assault with a deadly weapon which may have been the cause to the violent riots where there were many deaths and damages to business. The case of Rodney King sparked awareness of police brutality and forced many changes in policing, but as years pass by we see the use of excessive force coming up again which makes the use of excessive force an ever growing…show more content…
King compares the police officer training in Alabama to training in cosmetology, he says if a cosmetologist requires 4,500 hours of training and shadowing then it should not be possible that an Alabama police officer only requires 480 hours of training. Officers should be specifically better trained in how they use and rely on the use of force. Officers are trained to shoot where there is a present danger, but sometimes mistakes happen and is the reason why training is important. Officers should know how to possibly de-escalate situations leaving items on their belt such as Tasers, batons, pepper spray and firearm as last resort measures. King states another important solution in his report saying that police departments must create and enforce reasonable new use of force standards. King says that police brutality occurs when the level of force being used does not match to the threat that is being posed. The case of Eric Garner is a perfect example where Garner was a suspect to selling Loosies (loose cigarettes) outside a store and was then put in a chokehold while being surrounded by multiple officers. Garner died from a situation that could have been handled differently. Police officers should be given better training on when they must utilize the use of force. The most important solution King states in his report is the use of body cameras. Cameras are everywhere an

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