Police Officer Career Paper

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Career and College Research paper What is a police officer? Most people in the world today think they know or have there own idea of what the job title is. The career I chose is police officer. The best local college for this job is Oklahoma state university/Oklahoma City (OSU/OKC) because of their reputation for graduating police officers in Oklahoma. It is important to understand the education or the training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered and the duties for a particular career when making this decision. The career I chose to research on was law enforcement. The job I wanted to do research on was police officer. In this career you are protecting and serving your community. I chose this career because I want to help the…show more content…
Police officers are paid about $24,930 to $70,560 a year. In the state of Oklahoma starting pay for an officer is $11.99 an hour. Experienced officers make $19.48 an hour and about $40,510 a year("How Much Does a Cop Make?”). A similar career is in the fire department and they make $69,130 a year. The amount of pay is different by which state you are in. Currently the job market is steadily hiring officers. Which means there 's a steady amount of crime. Before it was lower due to less crimes happening. The population in the world will increase and so will crime. Police officers must be a legal U.S. citizen. They have to be at least twenty one years old. Officers can not have a criminal history. Personally I think sports would help prepare someone for their career in the police force. For instance chasing a suspect on foot and tackling him to the ground. The college choice I chose was OSU/OKC because of their criminal justice classes. This college is located in Oklahoma City. Tuition is about 5,000 dollars for fall and spring classes. OSU/OKC allows financial aid as they believe it helps students get to the colleges they want to go to ("Oklahoma State University: Oklahoma City - OSU-OKC - The College
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