Police Officer Case Study

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QUESTION ONE: Departmental rank authority states that Police Officer IIs are allowed to utilize the less than lethal shotgun without requesting permission in situations requiring it. In which of these situations does the above statement NOT apply for Police Officer IIs? [0/1] D – Large-scale brawls QUESTION TWO: According to the rank authority, from which rank are officers authorized to utilise the pump-action shotgun in situations requiring it? [0/1] B - Police Officer II QUESTION THREE: You are operating under the callsign 3-ADAM-1 currently Code 6 at Crystal Gardens with two other units when you 're suddenly shot at by multiple gang members in Crystal Gardens. One officer is immediately shot down and has fallen on the ground. The officers…show more content…
The officers then turn on their lights and sirens and order the vehicle to pull over to the right side of the road and order them turn off their engine. The voodoo does not stop and the driver ignores the PD, it then turns into an active pursuit and a TAC is called in. Within time, the pursuit ends up going right by Jefferson Motel heading east going over the tracks. 3-ADAM-2 is the lead unit and is right behind them however the second unit behind 3-ADAM-2 is unable to continue in the pursuit because the train has just passed by. The voodoo immediately pulls over once they 're south of Pigpen. 3-ADAM-2 pulls up right behind them, Police Officer III Ferreira informs Petrov to initiate a felony stop, Ferriera states this over the…show more content…
What did the Police Officer I do wrong, if anything? If applicable what did the Police Officer III (the FTO) do wrong? Do you feel the actions and/or statements of the Police Officer I during the felony stop were justifiable in any way? Additionally, describe what you would have done differently if you were the Police Officer I in this situation. Note: If you 're unable to meet the word requirement initially you may state what what the P-III should 've done differently if you 're having trouble meeting the word count however you must answer the question fully and clearly state as much as you can for the aforementioned questions. Do not be short with your answer as this question is graded strictly on key points that you mention. (Minimum 225 words) [0/15] First of all, Officer Petrov was insulting the driver with racial slurs, making him break CPR standpoint. Second thing he did wrong was use excessive force on the male, by sending a kick towards the male with a batton without the male resisting any
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