Police Officer Case Study

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QUESTION ONE: Departmental rank authority states that Police Officer IIs are allowed to utilize the less than lethal shotgun without requesting permission in situations requiring it. In which of these situations does the above statement NOT apply for Police Officer IIs? [0/1] D – Large-scale brawls QUESTION TWO: According to the rank authority, from which rank are officers authorized to utilise the pump-action shotgun in situations requiring it? [0/1] B - Police Officer II QUESTION THREE: You are operating under the callsign 3-ADAM-1 currently Code 6 at Crystal Gardens with two other units when you 're suddenly shot at by multiple gang members in Crystal Gardens. One officer is immediately shot down and has fallen on the ground. The officers…show more content…
QUESTION TWELVE: List all equipment Police Officers must possess whilst on duty. [0/3] Officer MUST posess police badge, standard issued-weapon (sidearm/pistol/deagle), uniform, portable radio and kevlar vest while on duty. QUESTION THIRTEEN: You are patrolling under 2-ADAM-4 when you and your Field Training Officer arrive at the Mall. Upon calling yourself Code 7 you exit your cruiser and head over to a 24/7 store at the Mall. Upon approaching the door to the you notice a male nearby who appears very pale and he suddenly falls down. You tell your FTO and rush over to the male. After further examination, you see that he 's unconcious and not breathing. Explain, in detail, the procedures and steps you would take after seeing this. Your badge number is 237. [0/3] I would reach for my radio, and contact FD; LSPD 237 to FD, (FD responds), LSPD 237, dispatch me a unit at Market Mall 's 24/7, male fell unconsious. I 'd check if they are breathing - if they are not, I would than check the males breathing way - making it more available for the male to breath. I 'd quickly preform CPR by innerlocking my fingers and compressing males chest at the rate of 100 compresions per minute. I 'd be checking the males breathing
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