Police Officer Discrimination

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nightsticks repeatedly. This attack on King exposed the reality of police cruelty. It was shown on television and on the media, causing it to cast a light on the reality that police action against minorities was disproportionate and a problem in America. The actions of the police officers showed a clear confusion about the appropriate use of discretion.

Also in Scotland, ministers intend to ban the police from using stop and search without legal cause after an independent inquiry found it to be questionable lawfulness and legitimacy. A human rights lawyer believed that the police in Scotland have made excessive use of its informal powers to search people without evidence that they committed the crime. Scottish ministers have agreed to
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Observing that any form of discrimination by police officers anywhere in the world is unpleasant and conflicting with good law enforcement, how to remedy the situation develops into a central…show more content…
In executing the powers however, the law-making subsystem did not accept to afford the police uncontrolled discretion. Instead, while digressing from the accepted test of reasonable suspicion, s44 and its predecessor stop and search were shaped provisional to mandatory, statutorily proscribed process prior to being adopted. This Government described this process as a means to provide operational flexibility, paired with clear safeguards avoiding misuse. However, interpretation of this procedure by the police aided the use of the powers disregarding the level of oversight through which the legislature validated through their expansive and highly discretionary drafting. This disparity, between the legislature and the police arising from different subsystem expectations regarding the nature of powers, which in turn diminished the effectiveness of the statutory safeguards against misuse.

These problems stated above suggest reasons for the removal of police discretion.

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