What They Do: A Career As A Police Officer

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What They Do

Police Officers on a daily bases typically do the following enforce the law, respond to emergence and nonemergency calls, Patrol assigned areas, conduct traffic stops and issue citations, Search for vehicle records and warrants using computers in the field, collect and secure evidence from crime scenes, observe the activity of suspects, written details reports and fill out forms, prepare cases and testify in court. They do all these on daily days because. They make sure everyone is following the law and everyone is doing the jobs right. Some police officer also, detectives witch they can get into more of a harder type of job. Some officers have harder jobs than others. You also have the sheriff’s department which enforces the
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After you have that you have to go to a academy before you do the on the job training. It is a rare thing to get accepted into the academy or get the job as a cop if you only have a high school diploma but it is possible to have it happen. In law enforcement you should try to learn a foreign language so you get a better chance of getting the job. If you wanted to get into the FBI or DEA you would have to get your bachelor’s degree to get into the higher spots of the law. For training in law enforcement you have to go through a lot of different training presiders like classroom training, civil rights, and police ethics.

Work Environment

The police environment can be a very dangerous place. Police can be shot, hit, and hit by cars. Officer will most the time end up being at a crime scene first. Some officer in the law may find their jobs’ stressful but they enjoy doing it. One thing in law enforcement is that you have the number one high steak of risk. A police officer sheriff or even a detective can be easily killed on the job because they deal with the crimes most the time as they happen. The good thing about their job is that they have great insurance so if one of these things happen they will be taken care of.

Pay – Hourly or

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