Police Officer Technology

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Within the police force there are many forms of technology which can be used; from a computer in a police officer’s vehicle to pepper spray, all these can become key items to keeping a police officer within safety. Many different devices have been created to aid in many different situations, such as computers to quickly run a license plate to gather information on a vehicle, radios to communicate with fellow officers in the area ready to help, or a nightstick to break a window open. Many officers can put their lives on the line for what they know is simply a speeding ticket but the driver believes to be racial profiling. Thus technology has been used and developed to make these situations easier for officers and drivers. An officer’s easiest…show more content…
Technology provides more than just safety for an officer but accessibility to information or support, being able to speak to your dispatch that can locate officers in your vicinity as backup or a computer in your vehicle to find information on a driver for felonies or arrest warrants. They help to reduce the filing of a citation to mere seconds which could take several minutes without technology. Technology provides simple and efficient results for officers in a rush or constantly on the move, this helps in speeding up traffic stops so officers can get back to patrolling. Technology is built around human society so we can find simpler ways to perform difficult tasks, not only does it prevent high risks and wasted time, it provides a good process of ingenuity and work. Finding technology to assist society and the police force relies on statistics and good knowledge within many different sciences, it takes time to build new technology which can assist officers from being…show more content…
Computers added to an officer’s vehicle helps in looking out for details or information on a driver, suspect, or known criminal. The uniforms which they wear have been created to produce a symbol of strength and responsibility which insures they are known to be police officers. Even the smaller tools which are carried by officers may not be of use 99.99% of the time but for the 0.01% of the time they’ll be sure to have the use of this tool and support. An officer’s main form of backup is not always fellow officers but the gun which they carry to defend themselves when a situation gets too dangerous or the radio which they use to report their location, reason to stop, and any need for backup. Technology does not also benefit officers during traffic stops but continues to the most common, the internet and social media. In today’s day videos are always posted to “Facebook,” “twitter,” or “Worldstar.” Many of them only continue to report and supply the media with videos of officer’s minimal

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