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The duty of a police officer requires a special type of individuals with a unique ability to assume different policing roles and responsibilities. Law enforcement officers are required to perform duties that set them apart from the majority of the population. In a recent article addressing repeated legal test failures by Baltimore Police academy recruits Sgt Josh Rosenblatt stated “We’re giving them a badge and a gun tomorrow, the right to take someone’s liberty, ultimately the right to take someone’s life if it calls for it, and they have not demonstrated they can meet basic constitutional and legal standards” (Rector). Throughout this research paper, discusses the different training types required to create the skills to be a police officer.…show more content…
The work of police officers requires them to be able to remain in control of different the circumstances that they will encounter. It’s one thing to practice for a particular situation, but a completely different story when it's the real deal. Officers will get to understand first hand what being a cop entails and for some this can be too much to handle. Field Training Programs generally consist of a 10-week program that purpose is to transition a rookie cop into a fully capable responding officer (143). The FTO programs are highly stressful because the stress of police work, along with a constant evaluation by training officers can be a lot to handle (143). The flexibility of police officers allows them to be able to handle different situations at a moment's notice. The FTO Training is key to developing the best quality police officers and weeding out those that can’t make the cut. When we don’t focus on effective training, we run the risk putting people in danger. According to Doug Wyllie, “The quality of a police department is directly correlated to the quality of its FTO program (Wyllie, 2017). Whenever a business or organization is looking to hire someone the first thing to look at should be qualifications. Police training should focus on preparing law enforcement officers for the difficult tasks ahead of them. Effective…show more content…
Policing is not a career for everybody, hence many will not make it through the selection process. The first steps to becoming a police officer starts with recruitment to find the best individuals to take on the role of policing in America. Next, candidates will be challenged at the Police Academy to receive the base level operations training of the job. Finally, after an individual has finished the training academy, they will start the process of on the job Field Training Programs. The qualifications and training standards will vary from one department to another, but most will follow these standards we have talked about in this

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