Police Officer Under Attack Research Paper

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Police Officers Under Attack In multiple cities across the country, police are being gunned down in what seems to be “targeted” attacks. On November 20th four officers from four different cities were shot, one of those officers was killed. Two of these incidents seemed to target police specifically. In Sanibel, Florida, an officer was making a routine traffic stop when a car drove behind him and shot him. He has been treated for his injuries and released from the hospital. In Gladstone, Missouri, an officer was shot by a teenage suspect, who then evaded police. He was eventually killed in a struggle after being chased down by police. The officer went through surgery and in expected to make a full recovery. In St. Louis, Missouri, a car pulled up beside an officer’s parked car and shot him twice in the head. The officer is in critical but stable condition. In San Antonio, Texas, an officer was shot and killed by a passing vehicle while he was writing a ticket. The shootings are significant not only because police officers were injured or even killed but because this is not a centralized issue. All across the country police officers are being attacked. The officer in San Antonio was the sixtieth…show more content…
Shootings have been happening for years, but just recently, everyone is interested in the “brutality” of American Law Enforcement. That is purely the media presenting crime stories based around a white officer shooting a black man. The media continues to do this because the president does not speak out against it. In fact, he even condones it by continuously mentioning shootings of blacks and ignoring completely when an officer or even civilian of any race is injured or killed. The president should be impartial to race but still concerned for his people. His people involve every American citizen, regardless of their race or stance in
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