Police Officer Violations

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After I terminated the relationship with the Chief of Police’s niece he approached me several times and spoke about the relationship. He advised me on more than one occasion that his family wants me to be fired from my position as a police officer because of breaking up with her. Shortly thereafter the Chief attempted to discipline me for violations of the department that either did not occur or were not rules or enforced. The Mount Carmel Township Police Officer’s Union and I were forced to argue the decision he made. They all were eventually disposed of. Officers in the department violated departmental policy and falsified information. These violations were known and yet not one officer was ever reprimanded for the violations. The Chief of Police has falsified reports. Some of those reports are in regards to submitting information indicating that he had qualified with his firearm on at least three separate years. Being the firearms instructor I am aware that he did not pass the qualification on one of those years and he did not even attempt the qualification on two of the other years. The Chief of Police would void citations and/or charges after they were issued or filed on individuals that he associated with.…show more content…
The violations occurred while I was with three other officers one of them was employed with me and the other two worked for Kulpmont Borough Police. A police officers in that jurisdiction who we joked with which did not result in any type of arrest. Several days later it was brought to my attention that an investigation would begin. During this time it was brought to my attention that reports were generated for the incident in question. The reports indicated that there was no violation(s). After the investigation began I was advised that the Chief of Police of Mount Carmel Township instructed these officers to change their

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