Police Officers Should Wear Body Cameras

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Take a Stand: Police Officers Should Wear Body Cameras Police officers are portrayed as the protectors of the people, the men and women who fight to keep our communities safe, but that image is often blurred when there is a victim involved. In order to guarantee a more efficient justice system, many people turn to look for alternatives to help find answers to unknown questions when settling disputes between police officers and victims. Due to recent incidents of innocent lives lost, police officers should be required to wear body cameras on duty in order to ensure a decrease in misconceptions between the public and the police. By requiring officers to wear body cameras, public outrage can succumb, officers will be able to do their jobs better,…show more content…
Due to lack of evidence, it is often hard to charge an officer for disorderly conduct, which causes the public outrage and turns them against the justice system. If officers wore body cameras, there would be more evidence to support any claims made between both the officers and the public who ask for answers. A great example of this occurred earlier this year with the death of Mike Brown, who was an unarmed teenager killed by Darren Wilson. Wilson was indicted because of the lack of evidence that Brown was actually a threat. It was basically the public against an officer. There was no direct evidence to support that Darren Wilson indeed used excessive force. With proper evidence, the public would succumb easier to result of any incident because there would be evidence to support the claims that were made. If there was proper evidence that Brown had indeed posed a threat to Wilson, there would not have been as much backlash. As a result of the outcome, communities People often put their best foot forward when they know they are being watched by their superiors. The implications of body cameras can give officers a push when it comes it putting in the best possible efforts to protect and serve the community. By being conscious of their every move being watched, officers will be careful not to make any obscene choices when on duty. The cameras will be beneficial to both the officers, and the public as they take careful measures to make good
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