Police Officers Stereotypes

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Classification Essay Stereotype Police Officers There are many different stereotypes that police officers are faced with on a daily basis. They can come in many different forms. Police officers hold a very important position within our communities on a national level. They are under so much scrutiny that they are recorder the entire time while working for the respective county. They face certain stereotypes such as race, police force, harassment, and abuse of power as well as many more. In this essay I will go into further detail about the many stereotypes that the face on a day to day basis. The first stereotype that I am going to explain from my viewpoint is on police brutality. Throughout many years of American history there…show more content…
But on the other side of the coin there are good police officers that are out there protecting us and abiding by the law. Because we are having to stereotype most police officers that we look at are all the same but that is not true. There are police that really help others, follow the rules, put there self out there to understand and help others. One example come to mind is the homeless people that are maybe panhandling on private property and the officers is call out to assist in removing them off of the property. Good police officers would be very humble and try to help them with other means of assistant and or try to find out something about the person or persons. Their approach is very approachable where bad police officers would care less why they are there or why they are homeless and this cause the homeless people to be frustrated and sometime very scared of the officers. Police officers you look in the police station where they work off the street, but work in house managing paper work, people who are put in custody, in the jail house and courts are subject to corrupt as well. Bad officers who mishandling paperwork, not being honest on reports, mishandling warrants, and drugs and blackmailing people with their power. These officers always get caught when they least expect it. When the public or good police officers find out the office are doing illegal or wrongful things they report it to authority or wait until they get
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