Police Officers With Body Cameras

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In a world that is so diverse, we get to interact with so many people from different cultural background. But, even though we have different family cultures, we adjust most of the time for work. Every workplace has their own culture of which we abide to provide for our families. Management creates their own values and practices for us to follow and anything outside of that is considered an objection which might be unethical and cause us our jobs. To function effectively as an organization, we all must work as a team. The cultural context of the workplace is that management have a high expectation; they want employees to act, have great synergy, and give great results.
Even with different cultural norms, managers want their employees to have great synergy while working. One would say, they function as a group because they are paid to do so. Employees somehow put their personal differences …show more content…

Officers often use their authority in ways that are unexplained. They act based on their instinct and not necessarily what is morally correct. Based on Herman’s article, “Police officers with body cameras are as likely to use force as those who don’t have them”. Body cameras seem to not have any different impact on force says management. Over the years Police Officers reiterate that they are the law, but their actions seem to be above the law. They believe that whatever they do can be justified. Police officers has used the basic communication skills of organizing their thoughts, emotions and behavior while their cameras are rolling. The union leader said, “officers appear to have adjusted their cameras” because in was proven before in Baltimore. Chief of Police, Peter Newsham (DC) believes that officers were already doing what was right without body cameras because there is no change in their behavior. They developed the skills to do so before

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