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The Written Communications Test or WCT test may seem like something that you can’t prepare yourself for, but you can and should be practicing for it. Taking a prep test is one of the most effective ways that you can evaluate how well you can currently do on this test if you were going to take it this very moment, and pinpoint those things that you need to work on for when you take it again. Then, you can focus your efforts on improving those areas, so that you’ll be able to pass the first time around with flying colors.

Just like when you learned to ride a bike or throw a baseball, you needed to practice over and over again until the skills were to the level that you wanted them to be at. The same is true
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Doing your homework in advance for the police prep test is a pretty good idea. You’ll first need to determine that you’ll be able to pass the pre-screening that you’re healthy enough to take the test and become a peace officer in Ontario. These are typically things you’ll have discussed with your doctor previously such as whether or not you’re on any prescription drugs that may inhibit you from performing the duties of a police officer, or if you have any physical conditions, such as high blood pressure.

The best way to prepare for the police prep test is to focus on strength training and cardiovascular exercises. Swimming and cycling are two great activities to give a chance to trying for preparing yourself for this test as they provide a whole body workout. You may even want to time yourself with the help of a friend or fitness tracker to see if your time is improving the more you work on it, and if you’ll fall within the required parameters for a passing grade when all eyes are on you.
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In the PATI test, you can expect to see three sections: deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. These sections may sound pretty fancy, but are tasks that you might even do already, such as simple math problems. Deductive reasoning will focus on logic and syllogism. Inductive reasoning will focus on finding trends or common characteristics in a set of information provided to you. Quantitative reasoning is basic arithmetic that you can expect to see as an

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