Police Protest In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after the massive flood that submerged the region, members of a Black Lives Matter protest filed a lawsuit, in federal court, against the Baton Rouge police, after the death of Alton Sterling.The activist, DeRay Mckesson claimed that officers used excessive use of force during demonstrations, ending in the death of three officers. Activists argued the police violated civil and constitutional rights of the protesters, who were peaceful, without provocation or need for defense. The American Civil Liberties union of Louisiana had also filed a lawsuit against the officers, seeking an injunction to stop officers from using “militarized tactics” at protests, for example, the deployment of armored vehicles and wearing riot gear, which was quickly defended, stating the military-style response to protesters was a result from…show more content…
The police expected the charges to drop after dismissing charges against some of the arrested protesters, but that didn’t happen, the lawsuit is still ongoing. The people who were arrested and let go now have permanent criminal arrest records, widely affecting their future employment, education, reputations, and professional careers, all because officers felt the need to be violent and threatened by a peaceful protest.

Over the past couple of years,white police officers have grown more and more violent towards black people. Police have a civic duty to protect and serve, but large amounts of power and authority are sometimes abused. Black Lives Matter is a movement that was created for that very reason. Black people believe that their lives are being treated
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