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Police records are public records that provide information about a person’s criminal behavior. Every citizen has the right to access public police records and read information about someone’s criminal history, including details from the police report, jail bookings and mugshot information for criminals under arrest. The criminal history report is an invaluable tool that serves as proof of someone’s trustworthiness and is therefore used at employment, for rental contracts, licensing and certification, and similar situations where the person needs to submit a police record copy to support personal character. Although many actions undertaken by the police officers in the community are recorded at the police logs, not all information is public.…show more content…
A police log contains specific information about criminal incidents occurring on periodical basis, while the police blotter usually organizes smaller documents such as police notes and police logs into a larger database. Online police records have various data distributed across several registries, including police car video logs, accident reports, 911 incident response report and mugshot registries. In addition, when a citizen needs to get a copy of the police report, he or she should clarify the copy type: certified or noncertified. Specific state departments issue alternatives such as administrative, laboratory, applicant investigation, pistol permit and criminal investigation…show more content…
A: Companies can get a criminal background report within three to seven days. However, it may take up to 30 days to investigate all police records for some persons and complete the background check.

Q: I asked the police to issue a copy of my criminal record and the request was declined. Why?
A: The reason is usually because the police in your state does not maintain criminal record registries. You may need to submit the request to an alternative government department, such as the department of justice or the department of motor vehicles.

Q: What is a police case report?
A: Police case reports are police records that involve details about criminal-based behavior, and not, for example, about traffic

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