Argumentative Essay: The Role Of Police Agencies

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The police agencies refer to various law enforcement agencies that aim at providing police related services to the general public. The principle roles of police agencies are to go after those people who have committed or engaged in specific crimes. Nevertheless, police agencies are entitled to other roles as well, for instance, they are responsible for imposing the law from enforcing speed limit laws to civil and criminal laws. In this case, a police agency is entitled to educate the general public about the laws and also communicating to the public when there is a criminal activity in a given area so that it creates awareness. Police agencies play the role of protecting peace among individuals by imposing the laws and setting measures against…show more content…
For instance, as provided for in Section 1 of the Magistrates Court Act 1980, a police is entitled to arrest a person if he or she is suspected for having committed an offence, a court magistrate may issue out a warrant or summons to have that individual appear before the court of law. In such an incident, a police officer is required to arrest that person and bring him or her to court. Also, the police officers have a right to arrest anyone suspected of having committed a crime, or is in the process of committing or the person is about to commit a crime. In the case of conducting a search, the police officers are issued with a court order to carry out a search on a suspect. Police officers usually get search warrants by convincing a neutral and detached magistrate in a written statements (affidavits) based on their observations, or police informants that they have probable cause to believe that criminal activity is occurring at the place to be searched or that evidence of a crime may be found there. In addition, the police officers are able to interrogate people in search for evidence or useful information regarding the offence committed or a suspected incidence likely to cause security threats among the
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