Police Shootings In Sherwood Essay

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Content analysis of news articles, video’s, surveys, and interviews with the Chief of Police in Sherwood, North Little Rock, and Sheriff of Pulaski County is the methodology used in this research. I have read many articles online so far about police shootings on African Americans. My frame of study for my research is going to be the past 10 years. All of the articles that are used for my research analysis that the local police departments are racist and the shootings of African American males are race related. There will be roughly 200 articles that will be used for this study. Collecting of data over the past seven years is done by searching the internet for all police shootings of African Americans. Mostly will only talk about the shootings…show more content…
They will be asked questions about is it about the ratings is that why the always make sure to broadcast only shootings most of the time when it deals with African Americans. City of Sherwood Chief Jim Bedwell will be interview on his thoughts of racial shootings. He will always be asked questions about how the city of Sherwood is known for racial profiling African Americans. I had a friend that was a Police Officer for Sherwood and he was fired refusing to go with a story from fellow Officers about how a African American male was treated by them while he was in custody. Sherwood has been known for years for racial profiling. So we will see what Chief Bedwell says when I ask him about the problems within the city. City of North Little Rock Police Chief Mike Davis will be interview on his thoughts of racial shootings. He will be asked about in the last 6 years they had 53 African Americans shoot by the police. Now saying that North Little Rock is always ranked high in the United States for crime every year especially murders. And there are more African Americans that live in that city in Arkansas than any other city around the
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