Police Shootings

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Ever believe that you are protected, but deep down there is a feeling that says otherwise. Many police officers follow the law and protect innocent people. But there are some out there that are the total opposite. They use force for reasons that are unjustified. Police brutality spreads out around the United States. Police Brutality is a problem in the US because it is used when it does not have to be, Some cases of police using force are not included in records, and when force is used people could be hurt or killed. Many police officers decide that it is best to use force. Even when it is not required. An innocent man asked a police officer to move his vehicle out of his driveway and the officer forced him out of his house. The officer had…show more content…
The officers broke the window and pulled her out when they could have promised her that she would not get hurt (Avery). A cops use of force is not always brought down by attacking people, but sometimes they result in firing their weapons at people. Some police shootings are neglected and left out of case records. “In 2014, for example, The Wall Street Journal gathered data on police shootings from 2007 to 2012 from 105 of the nation's largest police agencies and compared it to the F.B.I.'s statistics. It found that more than 550 police shootings were not included in the national database or were not attributed to the agency involved” (Savage 1). When there are cases that involve a cop shooting someone; it might not get included in the report and then it does not get investigated further. The person could have been innocent or the police officer could have made a mistake on an object they had. Agencies also could convict an officer for a mistake; whereas, they could let a cop who shot an innocent person off the hook. “In 2013, The New York Times reported that the F.B.I. had deemed its agents faultless in all 150 cases, dating to at least 1993, in which agents had shot people, based on documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act litigation” (Savage). In many cases that involve shootings by officers; the cop gets let off the hook because of documents collected. The cop could have shot someone without explanation and…show more content…
Agencies and departments lose credibility for leaving out information, cops lose their jobs and even get put in jail for their actions, and many people lose their lives and loved ones. The effects of police brutality are not only taking over the police, but also the media and the public. More people have been hurt by the authorities; whereas those people should be protected rather than harmed. Everyone believes that all police officers are going to keep them safe from criminals; but many cops have started to act more like criminals in police uniforms. There is no good way to tell which cop will keep you safe and which ones will keep the public
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