Job Stress Research Paper

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Introduction to the Chapter:
The major concern of this research paper was to investigate the gender-wise, rank-wise and district-wise differences in job stress in police personnel in Kashmir valley. Inter-district differences in job stress in male and female police inspectors and police constables were also explored. Lastly, it also aimed at examining the effects of the level of job stress and gender on emotional states, psychological well-being, and psychological flourishing in police personnel.
In this section, an effort has been made to put forth a review of the related and relevant literature available on the researches done on the variables of job stress, emotional states, psychological well-being, and psychological flourishing in police
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studied the occupational stress in higher educational institutions. They used a stratified random sample of different categories of staff (including academic and non-academic) from 14 universities and colleges in UK. The ASSET (an Organisational Stress Screening Tool) was utilised to measure the levels of occupational stress. The researchers tested different probable sources of stress namely: work relations, work-life balance, overload, job security, control, resources and communication, job overall, pay and benefits. The obtained results showed that for all higher education staff, job insecurity was the most significant source of stress irrespective of category of employee. Significantly higher levels of stress were found to be related with work relationships, control, resources and communication. Significantly lower levels of stress related to work-life balance, overload, and job overall were also reported by…show more content…
(2005) evaluated the experience of work-related stress across a large number of different occupations. These authors discussed three stress related variables (psychological well‐being, physical health and job satisfaction) and thereafter draw comparisons between as many as 26 different occupations on each of these three measures. They used a short stress evaluation tool to gather the information on different work related stressors and stress outcomes from the employees working within the UK. They found that six occupations (ambulance workers, teachers, social services, customer services – call centres, prison officers and police) were reported worse than average scores on following three factors: physical health, psychological well‐being and job satisfaction. Moreover, the authors stated that the potential causal factor is the high emotional labour which is associated with the high stress
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