Police Use Of Deadly Force Essay

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Deadly force is only justified as a last resort. This is especially, if there is significant threat of death or bodily harm to yourself or the people around you. However this is a question of judgment which is left to the interpretation of the person who feels his or her life is danger. Even with that, the use of force given the circumstances the degree of judgment and subsequent use of force should be reasonable. Note that the use of force is not permitted and thus against the law, but it is justified in some instances. This will be explained in detail below. The police in more than one instance in their career have come face to face with many scenarios in which their lives were in danger. Many security officers have lost their lives in the line of duty. Whereas the use of deadly force is illegal, there are exceptions to this law, especially in the event of self defense. Police officers are allowed to use deadly force in the event that, they feel that there life is threatened in any way. However, the police officer should use the amount of force that is reasonable and necessary in the situation as judged by what a reasonable person would…show more content…
A police officer or any person for that matter is allowed to use deadly force in the defense of another person. This is not only justified in the public domain, but also, a defense in court. The force used however should not only be reasonable but also necessary given the circumstances at the time. The degree of reasonableness and necessesity is left to the person and public for judgment and hence action befitting the situation. In many instances police officers and citizens alike have been caught on the wrong side of the law and made to justify the amount of force used against another person while defending others or themselves. However deadly force has proved to make things work in the right way and thus ensure public safety to
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