Police Use Of Force Analysis

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In the United States, the police have the authority to use coercive force in several occasions, but only when citizens do not comply with the officer. In the states throughout the country, there have been incidents in which people believe that the police used unnecessary use of force on a victim. It has been argued that police have been taking advantage of their authority and power for no reason. In these cases there have been tragic incidents in which citizens either get killed or get beat up by police officers. Most of the time, these cases end up having riots by the community to make the court to convict the officer that killed an innocent victim. An example of this can be the Michael Brown case, a teenager who was shot to dead by a Missouri…show more content…
Many people do not understand that police use this tactic for their own protection, but they do know that at times they use it when they do not need to. In the case like Eric Gardner in New York, use of force was required because he did not want to be handcuffed and there was a superior comparison physically to the cops. According to the magazine when should cops use force it states, “once things get physical, officers have little choice but to jump in as quickly as possible (Moskos, 2014).” The use of force can be judged proportionally by what happens before the act because if officers allow people to get physically, it will not only put the officer in danger, but also those around. Eventually, there are other strategies to use rather than the use of force. According to the magazine daily news it suggest, “the NYPD Patrol Guide encourages the use of pepper spray for noncompliance (Moskos, 2014).” It seems like it is a less lethal technique, but it is actually still dangerous because people may be allergic to the acidic substance and might end up dying. Overall, the use of force needs to be done, but only when it is 100% necessary or else the community will see it as a violation of the law. If the use of force is being used when it is necessary, people will not be disrespecting the police and protesting police…show more content…
I mentioned a few reasons on how the use of force has made police officers look bad. It is making officers look bad because recordings from the public only show the beatings and shootings, but do not capture the beginning of the confrontation. It will be bet for officers and the goof being of the community I officers use body-worn cameras because it will capture every second that happens between confrontations. The use of force is granted to the officers if they feel like the suspect is dangerous or is not complying with the officer. It was a right given to them by a case back in 1985, in which a person was killed by deadly force. Nevertheless, that is why sometimes police officers might get away with the killing of a citizen because there is not enough evidence that the use of force was not necessary. If these cameras are installed in officers uniforms the use of force will definitely decrease and will make the community feel safer and police officers gain more respect from the public. Finally, if the use of force is not necessary then a police officer can get suspend from the department after a judge has viewed the happenings of the case. The uses of cameras will not only make police officers use less force and the public feel safer, but it will also help the country become a safer place
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