Political Era Of Community Policing

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Ethics and the Evolution of Police Policing in this present day is defined as an individual or group of individual who prevent and detect crime within a community. Policing compares in many ways. They all attempt to provide services, keep the peace and reduce crime. Policing has evolved into something much more than what it used to be. Within this essay are the many different perspectives and how ethics were learned. Although it is questionable, that policing in America has different time periods. There is an agreement of three major eras of policing in America. Those three era's are, The Political Era, Reform, and Community Policing. (Cheeseman et al., Chapter 3) Political Era of policing was estimated at around the years 1800- 1900s.…show more content…
During this era crime prevention program were funded for the community and police put together. This sort of policing is a plan focused on building ties and working closely with the people in our community to identify and settle problems. Community policing also target low level crime and disorder. I feel this current era perspective was formed because Reform Era and Political Era were not in good grace with citizenship. Both eras’ had outstanding records of misconduct and excessive force toward citizens. Which influence officer behaviors to make peace with citizens. The advantages for community policing is that both the officer and citizens get to come in accordance with reducing crime and increase the security in the community and neighborhoods. This era gave citizen a voice. To help assist and work with officers as community watch to reduce crime. Unlike the reform era, who attempted to be…show more content…
This story consisted of a lot of situations that are still happening within today’s society with policing. Police taking advantage of the title and power they have to try and control society, but in actuality it is harming society. I am sure Mike Taylor was in a tough situation, I could only imagine. If I was in Mike Taylor position it would not be a hard decision to make. I understand how it was difficult for Taylor, because he is in a position where he has to choose his job or society. If I was in Taylor’s position I would defiantly report the real story. I would report that officer Ansley used excessive force on the individual. The individual was put in the hospital with multiple fractures to his skull, by the hands of a “Supposedly” well trained officer. What if it was my child, mother, or someone I personally knew. I would have told Lt. Wilcox about the real situation and let him know I planned on doing the moral thing which is reporting the truth. Out of the ethical systems I would choose natural law, because it’s not based off the government, but more so human morality. Natural law is based on the ideas of right and wrong behaviors that come naturally to an

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