Policing Reflection

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Since its inception, policing has changed form in many different ways, while collectively searching to improve. From departmental Standing Operating Procedures, to tactics, diversity, sensitivity training, methods of investigation, analytics, logistics and countless other aspects, the desire to improve policing never ceases. I believe a category responsible for improving all aspects of policing will always be intelligence. How it is obtained, disseminated, used and the constant demand of proficiency in all three areas. This along with the selection of qualified, knowledgeable, resourceful and experienced individuals into leadership positions within the Division, promotes the best opportunity for improvements in this area. I have completed over 14 years of law enforcement experience. This includes 3 plus years employed as a police officer for the Lower Merion Township Police Department in Pennsylvania and 11 years in a variety of assignments within the Division. I have spent three plus years in the Intelligence & Criminal Enterprise Section. My skills, knowledge, resourcefulness and work ethic have all proved to be invaluable assets during my ascension to Detective Sergeant, both personally and and as a member of the teams I have worked with.…show more content…
What I discovered in becoming a trooper was the profound emphasis on criminal investigations, which I began to enjoy. To supplement the efforts of a criminal investigation, I found that the vast resources within the outfit and its dedication to this work, facilitated the road trooper in ways that were not available to me as a municipal police officer. The freedom to pursue investigations while still performing patrol and traffic duties has aided in making me a more complete law enforcement officer, a goal that I am pleased to continuously

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