Health Policy Formation Analysis

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Internationally healthcare policies show the complicated relationship of various actors, formed a process in the current scenario to address the healthcare issues. The three major constituents of health policy formation are context, process and actors. Healthcare policies shows the collaborated decision of different participants, it shows the framework of the interrelated planning decision to be implemented for the betterment of society.
1.2 Critically assess the influence of funding on policy formation.
Funding is the main element of the healthcare policy formation. The three major constructs of policy formation context, process and actors considers the funding a major aspect to initiate the healthcare policy. Fundamental rules for health
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The more aware societies have positive blow like peoples are concerned to communicating the health issues regularly. They need good facilities like hospitals, qualified doctors, nurses and the most important service efficiency. But some societies are found of their healthcare norms and beliefs include the superstitious beliefs, as well as lack of health care facilities leads to strengthen believes more. More aware societies play positive in terms of health care.
2.3 analyze attitude towards the health care.
The attitudes towards the healthcare are founded very divergent. The health consumers have their own needs and demands. Consumer’s demands vary according to the available services.UK People are happy with their existing healthcare policy plan they don’t want change in their policy due to the international context. But most of them are complaining the increase in the taxes and wants more cost effective health program (Chreim et al. 2010).
2.4 evaluate the cultural and social impacts on and attitudes towards health care in one national
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Socio political issues mean the issues that are regulated by the government but effect the society. Today national or internationally regarding health concerns there is gap of communication within the nations. Global warming is the biggest threat to the health but political pressures having bad impact on its promotion. No clear promotion and campaigns are stated for this purpose.
4.2 Analyze the impact of international campaigns and national policies on the demand for healthcare.
The impact of international and national campaigns on the healthcare shows the positive trends. According to the different practitioners the awareness level of consumers are increasing. Consumers want to know the clear understanding of the health strategy (Chessie, 2009). They want to know how well it is monitored and want to take part in the feedback procedures. Different campaigns regarding different diseases which are arising day by day prepares the people to address the issues.
4.3 Evaluate the role of health promotion in determining the healthcare service demand in a national

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