Policy Issues In Health Care

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In the past, healthcare was a necessity that the society identified as critical to the sustenance of communities. Today; however, there are challenges that face all the parties involved in health care provision. Whereas the people had various ways of meeting the requirements for treatment, currently, many people are not able to meet the bills of medical care. In different countries, governments have tried to come up with various solutions. In America, the recent ACA bill attempted to minimize this gap. However, only a small number can see the benefits. This study reviews policy issues related to access, cost and quality of care. These issues will be discussed with reference to hospital administrators, physician, patient, taxpayer
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Normally, taxpayers pay a particular figure for their regular health insurance premiums. Nonetheless, despite the fact that they still pay taxes, they are charged numerous bills to cater for their health needs (Davies, 2000). Moreover, the insurance companies take advantage of the situation to demand more premiums to cover the unforeseen patient problems adequately. However, there ought to be policies that prevent the exploitation of the patients by the insurance companies. In addition, the taxpayers should have they tax cover for particular parts of the medical bills as they contribute to the maintenance of health facilities.
The staff members are also instrumental in ensuring quality services. Quality care does not only require the restoration of patients to health but also involves patient's safety (Davies, 2000). As such, the guards and janitors play an instrumental role in maintaining this state. Clean corridors and operating rooms facilitate the proper running of the hospital duties. The recuperating process of a patient demands that the environment promotes healthy recovery. As such, the health policy should be formulated along lines that see that the staff members are cared for.
Cost of
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In cases where they have to carry out complex operations, they may have to request the assistance of other doctors. They may also need to purchase expensive equipment. There are risks that accompany carrying out these procedures (Boyer& Lutfey, 2010). Thus, the health costs not only lie with the patients, but also with the workers. Proper making of policy can see that this issue is minimized. Furthermore, the policies created have to be similar to those of most hospitals so as to prevent any form of inconvenience in other health facilities.
Patients also understand that the services offered in a hospital have to come at a price. More importantly, the person who demands quality care has to part with vast sums of money (Woolhandler, Campbell & Himmelstein, 2003). In addition, as mentioned earlier, patients have to pay regular premiums for their health insurance. The incorporation of the ACA guidelines has ensured that this is implemented. Other policies, specific to particular hospitals, can see that the patients are taken care of properly.

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