Hospital Health Insurance Policy Analysis

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First of all, to implement a policy, such as Hospital Health Care Insurance, there are certain steps and processes to follow. For this solution to work, different people need to be involved. This includes, government officials, health care administrators, staff of certain facilities, and members of the community. According to Mathur, Srivastava, and Mehta (2015), “The healthcare is presently considered an industry or a business venture” (p.1). Rather than healthcare being a basic human right, healthcare has become a corporation and a way for the government to make more money. With that being said, obtaining government support will be the biggest obstacle when implementing the policy. The employees need to be involved, because this helps them…show more content…
According to the World Health Organization (2005) in their book, Health Service Planning and Policy-Making, they explain “The five key stages in the health policy-making process,” which include problem identification and agenda setting, policy formation, adoption, policy implementation, and policy evaluation (p.3). The problem has already been identified, so following these stages and finding a way to be put on the national agenda would be the first and hardest part in implementing the Hospital Health Insurance Policy. Members of the community would have to make their voices heard by holding rallies and including as many people as they can. Once the problem is on the national agenda for the leaders of the nation to see, as long as they accept it, the policy is then formulated for enforcement. The policy is created and ready to be enacted. Once the policy is adopted by the federal legislation, it next becomes implemented. According to the World Health Organization (2005), this means that the policy will be enforced and “brought into practice, that is, where what is written in the legislation of policy document is turned into a reality” (p. 4). The final stage is the policy evaluation. This basically will show if the policy is doing its job. The evaluation of the policy will also show if it is, in fact, decreasing the cost of health insurance. After the evaluation stage, the policy…show more content…
This in turn affects a health care administrator’s job, because it would be their duty to make tough decisions surrounding the health insurance situation and have resolutions that abide by the company policies while also making employees happy. Ultimately, the bottom line is that the cost of health insurance increases every year. But if there is nothing done about this problem, the unemployment rate will skyrocket and most Americans will be without a job, and not only that, they will be without needed health insurance. There is a solution that just may solve the rising cost of health insurance and help make a Health Care Administrator’s job a lot easier. Overall, it may be said that the cost of health insurance in America is increasing drastically every year. This is causing a strain on the jobs and duties of Health Care Administrators. But with the solution stated, the cost of health insurance can be decreased, and employers and employees alike will be happy with their medical treatment and the cost of their health insurance. The Hospital Health Insurance Policy is the only real solution to the increasing health insurance cost

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