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Policy transfer is not a smooth running process. There are some elements that might fueled the process and there are some that might constrain the process. As pointed out by Dolowitz and Marsh (see Figure 2.) there are some elements that constrain policy transfer such as, policy complexity, past policies, structural institutional and feasibility including ideology, cultural proximity, technology, economic, bureaucratic and language.
But why these elements? Regarding policy complexity, one must understand that policy is often touch a multi-dimension problem. As an example, initiating education policy is not only considering the curriculum but also how to boost up pupils participation. With that concern, government might think of fixing their
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How to examine whether a policy successful or not?
In the debate on policy transfer success and fail there is a presumption that transfer is seen improving the effectiveness of government operations (Dolowitz and Marsh, 2000). However, Rose (1991) questioned “Under what circumstances and to what extent can a program that is effective in one place transfer to another?” There is still a wide conversation within this topic.
McConnell (2010) describe “A policy is successful if it achieves the goals that proponents set out to achieve and attracts no criticism of any significance and/or support is virtually universal.” (p. 351) From that sentence one can understand that there are two points he tries to promote. One is more on the policy itself and how does the policy can survive in one government setting within a period of time and the second is on the achievement of the selected policy. He suggests three dimensions in examining policy success and failure, namely process, program and policy dimension. Process dimension mainly refers to the early stages of policy-making whereas policy became a statutory. Program dimension refers to stages whereas in this stage a policy is selected and entered the policy implementation stream. Political dimension refers to the success of failure of the appointed government or party. From McConnell’s policy success and failure dimensions, one can suggest the
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First element is having an understanding about the policy or the program by examining how policy works in the origin country, then examine the consequences or lesson drawing from the certain policies from the example country/organization. Second, in the incomplete transfer, there are some element that not being transferred. It could be some policy objectives or implementation that not being transferred. And third, considering feasibility of the ideology, culture, economic, social, political condition is also important to help make adjustment on the policy
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