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The definition of exploration is the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it. This definition describes one man in lots of ways. He traveled in an unfamiliar subject, which is polio, and wanted to learn about it. Exploration is very important to human survival in all subjects, from history to math to science. Jonas Salk is a perfect example for exploration. He explored something that would help the United States for many years to come. This is a perfect example of the term “exploration”.
“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality."- Jonas Salk.
In the 1950’s thousands of children were infected with polio, causing fear among many parents. Lifting
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An iron lung is a tank respirator with vacuum pumps pressurized to pull air in and out of the lungs. The iron lung saved lives, but it was a terrible reminder of what polio could do to you and its effects. As you can see, polio’s effects were devastating and you can also conclude why people feared polio.
This is where the scientist, Jonas Salk comes in to save the day. Jonas Salk was a Russian- Jewish scientist who was born in New York City. Jonas Salk was the eldest son among his two other brothers, Lee, and Herman. His parents were immigrants who, although lacked formal education, were determined to see their children succeed.
Salk, motivated and determined, enrolled in City College of New York and later he switched his current field, to science. After becoming interested in biology and chemistry, he went to New York University medical school for training. This is where most of his inspiration came from in making the polio vaccine. While attending New York University medical school, Salk was invited to research for a year about influenza. After making an immunity of influenza, this project became a basis in his later work in

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