Polio Vaccination Research Paper

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Two controversial backgrounds of immunization are the medical and legal backgrounds. The major components of the medical history with vaccinations include the small pox and polio vaccinations; the most successful vaccination and the earliest vaccination. Smallpox was the earliest disease scientist successfully created a vaccination for. The earliest vaccination created to eliminate smallpox was called variolation. “One of the earliest reports for successful vaccine came from the sixteenth century in central Asia; then the process was called variolation. (Tolsma 3)” Another scientist that ran vaccination experiments was Edward Jenner; he was thought to be the inventor of the smallpox vaccination. “... his monumental discovery paved the…show more content…
Polio gave science a huge boost in being able to discover new ways to vaccinate. “The polio vaccination was by far the one of the greatest vaccination achievements ever made… Despite these setbacks came the more precise attenuation of the polioviruses (Tolsma 4)” With the advancements of the poliovirus, scientist are now able to created vaccinations for other diseases. “In addition to polio vaccinations, vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis, varicella, and HPV are also prevalent. (Tolsma 4)” Legally, there have been many debates with vaccinations on whether they should be mandatory or not. There are three groups that strongly oppose mandating vaccinations. Because of these groups, there has not been active move to mandate vaccinations. “Each group opposes mandating vaccinations for different various reasons. because these groups exist, some believe a mandatory vaccination policy would cost too much politically. (Tolsma 5)” The three groups consists of those who oppose for Religious beliefs, then there are Self-interest Maximizers and Political Libertarians. The religious opposers claim that vaccinations are against their religions, but the political libertarians believe it goes against their constitutional right to be told what to put in
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